3 Ways to Get Your Customer to Take Action in a Sea of Information Overload

This is the most important thing for marketers to know! We live in a world of information overload and it is only growing bigger in every second of every day.

Everyone is jumping on board the train to declutter and to become more and more of a minimalist. People are purging things, relationships, negative thoughts, and the list goes on! And this does not change when it comes to information either. People are wading through and becoming very selective as to what they take the time to read or to act upon. Information needs to be downsized and simplified if you want to reach your customer.

We, as customer managers, need to make it very easy and very clear for our customers to take advantage of our CTA’s or Call to Actions. Whether we are selling a physical product or a digital product, we need to make it really easy for them to take the appropriate action and see through the clutter.

Here is an example I will share with you. I have a team of partners who work with me at one of my online shopping sites. They will often tell me that they cannot understand why they are not getting new customers to register at our shopping site that pays our customers cash back. They say something like “I sent them the link but no-one has registered. I can’t figure it out, why wouldn’t they want cash back on purchases they are making anyway at stores they already shop at? I don’t get it?”. Living in a world of digital information overload, can you see what the problem might be here?

Sending a link to something is no longer sufficient when you are dealing with people of various degrees of technical savvy, people who are bombarded on a daily basis by overloads of information, and people who do not yet have trust or value in your offer.

In this case it would be helpful to make it super easy for the customer. “Mary, why not let me register your free cashback count? Ask Mary for what you need to do this… example her email address or whatever you require and enter Mary as a customer and set up her account yourself. Make it easy for Mary and help her so she doesn’t get lost in the information and/or frustrated. Do whatever you can to keep it simple for Mary and all of this after you have created enough value for Mary to want to take advantage of your offer.

On another note, going back to building trust, today’s post is not about creating trust. I will save that for another blog post, but today I want to hit home about helping people to see through the info clutter and get them to take action.

Here are 3 ways to do just that……

  1. Simplify your information. Keep your sales offers clean and short. This is what I try to do with these blog posts. No one wants to have something go on and on and on. We don’t have time for that! Just get to the point.
  2. Spell everything out: This is the most important. For example let’s say you were sharing a link to an event you were having and you had previously mentioned something about the event to a friend via Facebook, and now you want to send the info about the actual event. When sending the link ‘spell it out’ ex. instead of saying “Hey Mary here is the link to the event we talked about”, say something like this instead. “Hey Mary, here is the link to the event we talked about. It is on Sunday, the 23rd of this month, starting at 7 pm and running till 9 pm, located at the ABC venue at 123 First Street.”
  3. Be explanatory. Do you ever get a random video or post from someone in say messenger and wonder what it is? You might even think, is this a virus? Or I have no idea what this is… but… if your friend or whomever said something like this instead: “Hi Joe. I am sending you a link to a video explaining the benefits of the all-season tires we talked about. The video is only 3 minutes long and I think it will answer the questions you had about switching to an all-season tire. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you find this helpful.

Can you see how the more simple and direct we keep things, the better? This is how we help our customers, clients, team members, or whomever we are engaging with cut through the clutter and get the information delivered to them that we want them to see or to take action upon.

And hey on a side note for the fun of it, if you want check out my cash back site, here is the link 🙂 Especially with the biggest online shopping weekend coming up, this site makes it easy to find the deals and get paid on your purchases as well! Here is the link: Cash Back Rocks

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