What Do Sloths Have to Do With Social Media Marketing?

So on Saturday I took my daughter and my granddaughter *not my daughter’s daughter if you are wondering, her sister’s daughter* 🙂 with me as I popped into Walmart to pick up a couple of things. My daughter (the one on the left) loves Sloths. So when she saw these in a big bin of stuffies she had to have one and I thought so too! LOL Funny side to this story is when we brought one home and showed Dad, who saw the movie Zootopia with us, he expressed that he did not know that sloths were a real animal! What are you gonna do? 🙂 LOL! Anyhoo….

So What Do Sloths Have to Do With Marketing?

Well besides the slow and steady race and never give up kind of thing, they also prove a point.

I posted the 3 sloth picture on my FB wall right from the store and this post recieved a lot of engagment including people commenting with sloth pics and memes and such. I also later posted this single pic of the sloth that we brought home who is now known affectionately as “Sam”, who by the way is a great hugger... seriously, this guy just automatically wraps those big ol arms of his right around you. I hugged him last night and it was awesome. 🙂

Sam The Sloth in a nice framed picture sitting on our chair at home. He still has his price tag on here 🙂

So not only did this post get lots of engagement, but Saturady night I had one of my Facebook friends from a 1000 physical miles away, private message me this:

“So I saw the picture of the sloth and Sivanna that you posted… showed my friend and she said- what time is Walmart open til??
So we went out at 10 pm… I dug through the boxes and found one!!!” 🤣🤣🤣

A sloth but not Sam

LOL! LOL! Now their sloth is pretty cute but not as cute as Sam… just sayin… lol All kidding aside they do seem to have different faces and personalities.

But what is my point here?

My point is this. This is a fine example of how social media and marketing works. I sold a sloth, in this case for Walmart, and who knows maybe more than one, because of a post I made on my FB wall. And I received lots of engagement which further increases my potential future FB traffic and engagement because of it. I seriously could be selling sloths if I wanted to… direct or drop ship. 🙂

But the biggest key here is what I am teaching in my upcoming FREE class this Wednesday night, January 29th at 9 pm EST via Zoom. It is called “How to Expand Your Reach & Grow Your Network”. When you build a network like a group of connections on Facebook or LinkedIn or your email list or wherever, you have a viral group of potential customers/affiliates/joint venture people/collaborators etc. etc. etc. The possibilities are endless! Build a network and you can move anything through it has been a motto of mine for years.

If you would like to join us on Wednesday or get your name in for a future class, just let me know here. There is no fancy landing page or annoying pop up or anything like that. 🙂 If you want in fill out the form here:

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From the comfort of our homes and via Zoom Video we will be learning how to:
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