How Do You Look At Expenses?

I was over on one of my up and coming favorite platform, Alignable, and I love their Advice Section. It is a place where you can ask for or offer advice and today I answered a question about expenses.

The question was: How regularly do you evaluate your expenses? And will you be reviewing them now that it is a New Year and new quarter, etc. And will you be watching your finances?

Here was my answer:

I am a little different. My solution to just about every situation is to “make more money”. So rather than spending a lot of time focusing on where I can cut things out or on what I can change out, I focus on ways to add to my DIS (Diversified Income Streams). 

I love to leverage and I leverage my time, my money, and my resources. I do not mind AT ALL paying for tools, education, courses, systems etc. to make my life and work easier. I think that is smart and I invest in myself often. And of course, I will let go of whatever is not working for me or not bringing me JOY in my work and my life.

However, the bulk of my energy goes into being proactive and full speed ahead. 

Here is an example.

I love to shop at Winners (The USA Version of TJ Maxx) and they always give me a survey with my receipt with a chance to fill it out to win a prize. I learned quickly that the time it takes me to fill out a survey could be making me money instead so I stopped filling those out.

 I see my time as an asset or a liability and that to me is wasting my time and not an asset. Same thing fighting for a $20 or $30 error or charge…. sometimes way too much time and energy and not worth it in the big picture.

When one stops focusing on ‘the lack of money’ in their decisions that is when the big things that are magical can truly happen! 🙂

As to watching my finances,  I am going to watch them GROW because that is what I focus on.. abundance and helping others to add more abundance into their lives! 🙂 And I quite like that 🙂

So There You Have It!

That was my answer and is always the way I see things. I remember reading a post on Facebook one time about a person sharing her frustration about not having any more corners to cut in their household budget and they didn’t know what to do to make it work even after credit counselling and all I could think was “have you looked for ways to add in more income?” Was that even put on the table?

Anyhow, I hope that you too learn to focus on diversifying your income and adding in more resources when you need them. It sure helps to take the pressure off. 🙂 And if you need a way, talk to me. I am full of ideas and I am sure one will work for YOU!

Have a great day everyone!

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Maggie Holbik, Offering Inspiration for Living Freely and in JOY!

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Coach, Certified Life Coach, Business Coach, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, and Internet Marketer who loves to work and play from anywhere, hoping I make a difference in the world.

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