Be In Alignment Not In Control

In business and in life we often want to ‘be in control’, but it is much better to be in alignment and aligned with our purpose.

Being in alignment means that we allow things to come to us that fit and match our purpose and mission. We trust that if we are clear in our vision and in our hearts, the rest will follow.

It is hard to try and control everything. Being in alignment is so much easier!

Align with who you are and with what your business is and offers.

An easy way to practice alignment is to serve others and then the magic happens. When we go forth with the intention to ‘serve others’ alignment happens almost on auto pilot because we are in align with serving our customers and clients.

Have a great day everyone!

Published by

Maggie Holbik, Offering Inspiration for Living Freely and in JOY!

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Coach, Certified Life Coach, Business Coach, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, and Internet Marketer who loves to work and play from anywhere, hoping I make a difference in the world.

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