Action Breeds Inspiration

Quote: “Action Breeds Inspiration More Than Inspiration Breeds Action”.

I had to think about this one for a minute. I wasn’t sure if I got it or not but then I realized that when we take action we start the ball of inspiration rolling. It is like fueling a fire. We get the fire going (action) and then it gets bigger (inspiration + action).

This is good. As a person with tonnes of ideas, this is a good reminder that ideas are worthless if we don’t take action. 🙂

It is like blogging, just write about something. That is taking action. 🙂 Sometimes we complicate things too much and then we take no action.

Something to ponder on……


Taking Action

The best time to feed an idea is when it is birthed. Just like a baby… if you don’t feed it, it will die. When you get an idea for your business or for a new direction, start to take action immediately so you get the momentum going.

Taking action is an important step in any endeavor. We can come up with great ideas, talk about them, expand them, but if we don’t take action, we get nowhere.

Something to think about 🙂