If It Makes My Life Easier….. I’m In!

I was in a Facebook Business Group this morning and someone was asking if it was worth it to upgrade to the Pro version of Canva.

My contribution was simple.

Yes. In business anything that makes my life easier and gets my work accomplished faster, is worth its weight in GOLD! Time is money and anything that saves me time and makes my life easier, pays for itself almost immediately in my opinion.

I use upgraded versions of many photo editing tools and I never think twice about paying for them. The are a tax deduction and they are an ASSET to me aka they can make me money, so what is to question?

I also suggested that if that person was looking to get a great tool that you need only pay a small fee once for, rather than a yearly fee, they might be interested in one of the tools I also love to use!

This baby has over 7 million media assets that are for use copyright free. This is hugely important.

It also has two photo editors in the app. This app is perfect for any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to make content for their social media, blog posts, website and marketing in general and wants to save time and money using a user friendly all-in-one go-to!

It truly is a one-stop shop and it will blow you mind when you see what is in this tool. Trust me just take a look at the link. And to top it off, not only is this tool deeply discounted but I have included the Pro version in the price so no need to upgrade and no upsell here.

You might ask why I am offering this insanely great price for something worth many thousands of dollars? Because I LOVE to help entrepreneurs and as a Business Coach I see all the time how people struggle with putting up content so I know they need something that is easy, affordable and that has everything all in one place.

And I love to give back!

Lots of people in the virtual world have helped me to learn and grow and get the tools that I needed to become better  at digital marketing and I want to pay it forward.

So Anyhoo, here is the link and if you have any questions, please ask. I would be happy to answer any and all questions.

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