A Shocking Stat Goes New Age

Customer Service

I was just reading an old book I found from 1995 about customer service.

I saw this statistic and thought WOW!

Here it is:

If someone has a bad customer service experience, they would likely share their bad experience with about 11 people. This was BEFORE social media.

So in 1995 that stat was alarming enough, considering both customer acquisition and retention are a huge component of having lifetime share of customer and increasing business growth…. BUT now we have social media and can you just imagine how far and wide a negative review can travel?

This is why it’s extremely important to provide outstanding customer service that goes above and beyond the competition. In fact, it is wise to over deliver and under promise.

This sure made me think twice about the importance of customer service. I personally LOVE serving my customers and I en-JOY doing whatever I can to both develop long term relationships and to foster growth for both my customer and myself. To me, it is all about mutual benefit. It is never a one sided relationship and I have always understood that every customer or relationship that I have may be a gateway to an entire ocean of customers so one customer really equals a world of customers.

I hope you found this post today insightful and I would love to hear your comments.

Maggie Holbik.com is a Certified Life Coach and Business Coach who loves to make a difference in the lives of others and the world. She loves business and she LOVES SALES! To her ‘sales’ means opportunities to offer value and to offer solutions to make other people’s lives easier and that’s an awesome thing. 🙂