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If you are a business owner of any kind, the faster you use the virtual highway to reach your customers and potential customers, the better!

By not having a GREAT online presence you are literally losing money as you are thinking about how to make money 🙂 So, in reality, the investment into your online marketing can DECREASE your expenses because it can INCREASE profits.

If you need help with your digital marketing or would like a free assessment of what you currently having going on, or NOT going on, let us know! We are happy to help.

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Graphics Made Easy!

I was just working on a FB Ad and thought hey why not share what I did over on my blog also, so here it is.

This is about one of my favorite go-to tools and is great for a one-stop resource, especially for those just getting their feet wet when it comes to making graphics and such for their digital work or for their clients. As we know content is king and the easier it is to make content, the better. If it can save me time and money I am always IN :-).

Any questions, please reach out and ask.

Here is my Ad Copy:

𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐬 & 𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐞!

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❤FB Page Admins ❢

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Most Engaging Conent

What Content Gets The Most Engaging Traffic?

A picture of me when I was two years old in 1968

Here is a picture of me next to the lake where I grew up in a little tiny town in Northwestern Ontario called Kashabowie.

I posted this picture on Facebook the other day and had well over 100 Likes and Comments.

This morning while scrolling through Facebook I saw a business post in a group asking what type of content gets them the most engagement? People were answering with things like ‘My Facebook Lives’, ‘My cute cat pictures’, etc. And I responded with this: Authentically sharing parts of my life and living…. like recently the picture of me when I was 2

And this is true my friends! I have been a social media person for many years now and I coach on social media and what I have found to be the best content for engagement is the stuff that is the real deal. That is what inspires people.

People want to get to know the real person and the person or people behind the brand.

Yesterday in the blogging class that I am teaching we came up with a term for this. We called it “Human Centered”.

When someone sends me a friend request and they are say a Business Coach or a Brand and I look at their wall or content and all I see is ‘business stuff’ and no personalization, it is rare that I even accept their connection request. I want to engage with people and to be inspired by them and their life as well as maybe doing business with them in the future.

To me this lifetime is about connecting with each other, inspiring each other and serving each other so that has to be a part of engaging content.

And on the note of INSPIRATION, all content should inspire or make someone feel better in some way. Whether it is bringing a smile to their face or offering a solution to their problem, it should make the feel better.

I hope that you are inspired by this blog today and that you see content in a new way.

Believing Is Seeing (っ◔◡◔)っ

“The I AM (your consciousness) is the only door through which anything can pass into your world. Stop looking (っ◔◡◔)for signs. Signs follow; they do not precede. Begin to reverse the statement, “Seeing is believing,” to “Believing is seeing(っ◔◡◔).” Start now to believe, not with the wavering confidence based on deceptive external evidence but with an undaunted confidence based on the immutable law that you can be that which you desire to be. You will find that you are not a victim of fate but a victim of faith {your own).”

Neville Goddard

Absolutely love this quote from Neville and agree 100%.

As a person who uses my imaging also known as using your imagination to create, I can promise you 1000% that this stuff works.

You and I are more powerful than we can ever imagine and that too is true because we live in a universe of Infinite Possibilities and that also pertains to our powers and capabilities. This a BIG DEAL and not to be taken lightly!

I hope this opens your mind up to all that is available to you.

I especially like thinking this way when it comes to internet marketing and the digital world. As business owners online, we have infinite possibilities and ways to create wealth online and there is no limit.

Have a great day everyone!

Maggie is currently the #1 Recommended Business on Alignable for her city. #gratitude

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You Are Your Brand in Life & Business

Ultimately people buy your product and services because of YOU. People buy because of the value created and the trust they feel. This is why being authentic and genuine, along with the desire to serve the world is truly a winning combination! Go forth and be YOU today on your work and your world! 🙂

Dream Baby Dream!

Dream * Dream * Dream Dream your way to where you want to go. See it, feel it, imagine it, believe it, add color, add sound, add words…… make that dream magnificant! You’ve got this!

10 Tips For Marketing With Facebook Groups & Pages

10 Tips for Marketing Your Business with Facebook Groups & Facebook Pages

Groups Offer Great Exposure!

One of the keys to marketing effectively is getting a good promotional message about your company or product or service in front of large numbers of potential customers.

Facebook Groups are an excellent way for making large numbers of people aware of your business, your products or services, and your message.

Here are some ideas:

1.   Search Groups for interests that you would expect your customers to have. For example, if you sell camping gear, search for groups using keywords like camping, hunting, or outdoors. You will find many groups that are relevant to your business. Don’t hesitate to join them all.

2.   Post to those groups, and do it often. Posting more than once a day is helpful. More posts increase the likelihood that any individual member of the group will see your post. Since you may be joining dozens of groups, unique posts for each group would be impractical. Create posts that can be used across the whole range of groups you have joined.

3.   Use images in your posts. Images get far more interest and response than simple text posts. For a great media app that has two free photo editors right in it along with 7 million assets, check out Maggie’s Media App. I highly recommend this app because it has everything you need to make graphics and more and it will protect your from any copywrite infringements.

Groups and Pages

4.   Include links to your website or a call to action (“Click for more information” for example) with images. Your first goal is to build exposure, and a large fan base is evidence of that growing exposure. You want the group’s members to go to your Facebook page, where they will find more information about you, your company and your products.

5.   Create some item that can be emailed at regular intervals. Whether in posts to the group or on your Facebook page, you should have a call to action – Sign Up For My Newsletter, for example. When visitors sign up for that newsletter you grow your email list, which can become an entirely separate marketing tool. Be careful though to follow each particular group’s rules. Many do not allow personal or business promotion.

6.   Do not post only ads to the groups. Also create posts that actually provide value, whether entertainment or information, to the reader. You want to build a relationship with the reader that makes them more inclined to trust your business. In fact, this should be your number one goal in the group(s). For example, if you are an avid bird watcher for example, contribute to the group by sharing your knowledge and experience. You will soon be thought of as the go-to expert for bird watching and if you sell any products or services to do with bird watching or nature you will now have a list of prospective buyers because you have created value.

7.   Whether posting ads or informative or entertaining posts, address problems that your product or service will solve for them. It doesn’t have to be a blatant cry for their business. Just making people think about the problem and creating an awareness that you can help contributes to the relationship.

8.   Use giveaways to encourage visits to your Facebook page. Giveaways don’t have to be costly. An informative report that addresses visitors’ interests or can cost you nothing to put together and increase your Facebook fan’s interest in your business.

9.   In all of your efforts, keep in mind that your success is dependent upon building a relationship with the individuals in the group and with the visitors to your Facebook page. Whether they are a few dozen or a few thousand, gear your campaigns to individuals, not groups. Relationship marketing is where it is at!

10. Be Honest. Always be honest, humble and serve others.

For an explosive growth in your Facebook Page’s fan base, and a corresponding growth in sales, there is no more effective single tools than Facebook Groups and Pages. Work and enJOY them on a consistent basis and you can see powerful results.

And if you have any questions about my Media App, please feel free to reach out. I am always here to help.

Everyday I feed my mind with positive things and I never stop learning. Udemy is one of my favorite platforms…

Highly Recommended by Locals On Alignable

Most Exciting Marketing Discovery and WE ALL Have Access to it!

I love living in the age of digital marketing and it continues to fire me up day after day!

This morning I was lying in bed working in my workshop aka my mind. I start every day feeding my mind with positivity and inspiration and in turn I get inspired.

I came up with about 5 new recipes to try this morning and also this blog post :-).

Right now I have a Roasted Pepper Soup cooking in the Instant Pot. I will link the recipe here at a later date after I am finished creating it. Which brings me to the point of today’s blog post. You might be thinking what the heck does soup have to to with any of this? Well hang tight and you will see. 🙂

Remember how popular billboards were in times past? They still are but just really think about them for a minute…. You are driving down the highway or interstate and see this big honkin billboard. You read it. It imprints in your mind. Sometimes you never forget it and can recall it in your mind’s eye any time you want.

What Does This Mean?

Okay, so here is where I am going with this. We know that billboards are an effective form of marketing and advertising right? But, YOU had to drive by the billboard to see it. And someone had to climb up there and do all that work to get the message up there. Think heights and inclement weather .. 😦 Now speed ahead to NOW/2020 And Beyond!

You create something and put it up on the internet. Your virtual billboard is now on there forever. It is now evergreen as it is called, and people from all over the world can see your virtual billboard if you position it right. WOW! Are you getting this? It is HUGE!


One of the best ways to do this type of virtual billboard marketing is by blogging!

So maybe you write a blog post and then somewhere in your post you have a link to something you sell or to some sort of affiliate marketing offer. If your post is relevant and interesting it can be seen as good content and viewed over and over again or it might even go viral. You just never know.

But here is the extra sweet catch. Are you ready for this one?

Okay here it goes…. Once your piece is out there and deemed as valuable and it is getting saved and shared (the gift that keeps on giving) … You can go back and change your ads or offers on your virtual billboard because you already know your billboard is getting traffic!

So you can literally go and edit that original blog post or piece of content and add in a new ad or offer!

The Next Level – Using Pinterest

And the next level to all of this is sharing your blog posts on Pinterest. Pinterest is the most powerful marketing platform ever. It is really more of a search engine than a social media platform.

And once your content gets shared on Pinterest and if it is a good piece of content…… then Look out! Crazy evergreen!

As the saying goes (I can’t remember who I heard this from to give credit to but I love it) “What happens on Pinterest stays on Pinterest”.

What this means is that your good content could keep getting shared many, many, times over and it is not going anywhere. In fact the views can start increasing and you have the potential to reach the entire world not just the people driving by.

And unlike say Facebook or Instagram where people might only see your content for a short while and then it falls down in the pile, this content just keeps on going and going and reaching out farther and farther.

Here is the Sweetest Spot in all of this!

And now remember that let’s say that your content goes crazy on Pinterest and is even shared outside of Pinterest, you can go back and edit your advertising!!!! I just had to mention this again because it is the ‘sweetest spot’ in all of this.

Just like I can come back here and link my soup recipe in the future!!!! Or something else.

Which by the way, will be on Pinterest … wink wink… are you getting this?

I hope you were able to follow along in my thought process. If you have any questions please ask. I love to help.

And as a final note, it doesn’t matter what kind of content it is that goes out there. I could have a soup recipe that I post for example, on my MaggiesVitamins Blog that ends up driving traffic back to that blog where people are interested in purchasing my products or services. It doesn’t matter that it was the soup that got them landed there. The soup was just my virtual billboard that took them to where I wanted them to go 😉

And I hope that you too get excited about sharing your virtual billboards. 🙂

5 Ways for Hair Salons To Increase Revenues

Business has certainly changed hasn’t it? I have been talking to small business owners and their staff and they tell me that adjusting to this new norm is challenging for most of them.

In particular I have been talking to several hair stylists who tell me that they are nervous and concerned about business lately. They tell me that not only are they dealing with restrictions on the number of clients that can be in their shops but they are also finding fewer people coming in for services overall.

This all got me thinking that there are ways to help these businesses to add on additional services or products to help increase profits and of course, doing this online is the way to go.

Here are some ideas that I came up with to start:

  1. Add on some merchandise to your business. The list is really endless but some ideas that come to mind for salons are: wigs, masks, apparel, t-shirts with slogans, makeup, supplements, and more. Try to think of things that can be sold online and even shipped anywhere.
  2. Offer video tutorials that pertain to beauty and wellness. Work at creating a following that might later transition into candidates for an online course or e-books that you might offer. Make sure you have a strong website that is the hub for all of your business and business add ons.
  3. This one is the MOST important. Make sure that you are collecting email addresses from ALL of your clients and customer base. You need to work at building this to stay in contact with them, educate them, and then you will have your list to let them know about your new products and services as you release them. The money is always in the list!
  4. Collaborate with other business owners and come up with packages that you can offer together and both promote. For example maybe you partner with a aesthetician and a massage therapist. You could come up with a great package price with extra goodies and your clients would enjoy a luxury package that at the end of the day increases exposure and revenues for all businesses involved. People are in real need of pampering right now.
  5. Joint Venture with a professional like a Life Coach, Nutritionist etc. Offer to promote their services to your existing client base and work out a win-win referral fee that helps both of you and best of all can really help your existing clients who are in need of some support. As we know a hairdresser is a trusted source for listening to what is going on in someone’s life. Why not go to the next level by making recommendations to help your clients in their life?

This is just a short list but I hope you found it helpful.

I would love to hear your ideas too!

Two of The Biggest Mistakes I see When Picking Out A Business or A Domain Name

Being a person who has many connections both offline and online, and being a Life & Business Coach, I am often chatting with people about their idea for their business name or domain name or how they are going to brand themselves and ‘the name’ always comes up.

Here are two of the common mistakes that often happen and people sometimes, unfortunately, don’t realize until it is too late…. which is why I am writing this… to prevent you from making any of these branding mistakes.

Mistake #1

Too long of a name.

For example when you are choosing a domain name, the shorter the better and for various reasons. Ex. It’s short, it’s easy to both spell and to remember. It also takes less space on business cards and printing materials. So always go for the shortest and simplest version.

Mistake #2

Too Crafty & Not Simple Enough

I get that we are creatives but some people get too crafty. You ask them what their business name means ex. They tell you that it is the first letter of their name, their husband’s name, and the name of their cousin twice removed and the 3 is for the 3 different types of art that they focus on 🙂 LOL! And believe it or not this happens all the time.

Another example is a name that means something to YOU but means nothing to your potential customer and they will never remember it. For example, “BrattleboroPrinting” Co. I just made this up. So maybe you live in Battleboro, Vermont, or you came from that town that you think fondly of, and now you own a Digital Printing Company that ships finished products all over North America…. who is going to remember this name? Personally I have never heard of this place until I Googled small towns in the USA to find an example and I know I will never remember how to spell it off the top of my head in the future.

So for both examples, what is the problem? Ask these questions:

Can people who don’t know you remember this name?

Gosh, can people who do know you remember this name?

Do people other than yourself care what it means?

Does it tell people what your brand or company is in a simplified manner?

Will your customers and peeps remember in the future if it is the number 3 or Three spelled out?

I am sure by now you get the idea 🙂

When it comes to branding and choosing those names, keep it simple and consistent.

I hope you found this helpful.

My favorite photo editing app shows picture of a monkey and picture goes to the app when you click on it. 🙂

We Live in a Marketer’s Dream Age!

I literally have trouble sleeping at night or trying to sleep longer in the mornings. I just want to get up and start creating. I feel as though a creative monster or super power has awakened in me!

My head spins with ideas for creation, marketing and inspiring others.

My breath gets taken away when I think of the potential for reaching the world through the internet and all of the tools and platforms available to us right now. And there are new ones coming out every day!

I am having so much fun playing with photo editors, video creation tools, social media platforms, engaging in groups, blogging and the list goes on and on and on. I see it all as art.

Thanks for taking the time to read what I felt I had to express today. 🙂 I’m bursting with JOYful exuberance about all of this.

Have a great day everyone!

And please, please see the opportunities before you… there are so many!

Insiders Guide To Instagram

An Insiders Checklist on Posting to Instagram                                                    to Increase Audience Engagement

With over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is one of the best apps to get your blog and business noticed, while at the same time also giving you an opportunity to engage your audience, leaving users with a deep sense of community.

Your Instagram followers are your biggest supporters, clients, and oftentimes, friends. Below is a checklist you can refer to when posting on Instagram with the aim of engaging your audience.

1. Study Your Followers

It’s extremely important you know who your audience is.


It’s because beautiful photos and witty captions will do you no good if your audience is not engaging with your content.

One of the best tools for knowing more official stats about your followers is Iconosquare.

This website links to your Instagram account and gives you information on when your audience is the most active, which photos are most liked, and what your audience comments on the most.

Iconosquare’s statistics can be really useful because they help you see if there’s a disconnect between you and your followers about what or when you post. 

You may really enjoy posting photos of your dog, but your audience might actually love all those photos of your artwork even more. Iconosquare can help you create an Instagram plan that feels good to you and gives your followers what they want to see.

Iconosquare also lets you know which hashtags have brought you the most success, which is a helpful statistic when planning your captions.

You can find all of this information by creating an Iconosquare account via your Instagram and looking under “statistics” >> “optimization.”

2. Ask Questions

People like to know that you value their thoughts and opinions.

So, your level of engagement will soar if you will:

  • Ask your followers how their day is going.
  • Take a photo of what you’re working on and ask them for their opinions. 
  • Share about your upcoming trip and see if your followers are headed anywhere, too. Anything to get them talking.

It may feel a little awkward at first, but if you will do that, you’ll be surprised at how many people will reply.

Additionally, if you’re traveling, ask your followers if they’ve ever been there and what recommendations they have for you.

This one is a total win-win because you get to hear about fun places you can explore, and best-of-all, you’ll get your Instagram pals chatting and engaging with you.

3. Find something that will set you apart

In order to stand out from competitors on Instagram, it’s best you set yourself apart from by offering something of value to your audience.

For instance, if you’re a food blogger, you could share a dinner recipe that you wouldn’t normally share on your blog.

Likewise, if you have a great deal of business expertise, you can share a daily business tip.  

The key here is to give your audience a reason to return to your account. Being consistent and knowledgeable on Instagram can lead can generate an abundance of success, not to mention an interested and engaged audience.

4. Be Quick with Your Hashtags

On Instagram you really only have one chance to get your photo noticed in the grid before it quickly gets lost.

So, best to insert your favorite hashtags right away, so you can be seen live, by people currently tagging the same thing. Remember that the first few seconds after you post your photo are the most important to bring in new eyes, otherwise the photo gets lost.

5. Create a Challenge

Invite people to be a part of your Instagram world by creating a challenge. This will expose your account to a lot of new people. It will also help you get to know your audience, and create a little buzz around you and what you are doing.

Ideally, it’s wise to take the time to participate by liking and commenting on photos whenever possible. This is not only polite, but it also creates a bigger sense of community and it shows you care.

If you’re nervous about people not participating, consider reaching out to a few of your currently engaged followers and personally inviting them to join in.

You may want to consider teaming up with another Instagrammer to host your challenge. That way, you have accountability and you get to share each other’s audiences for an even bigger opportunity to boost engagement.

6. Respond to all Comments

It’s critical you respond to all of the comments you receive.

If you follow the checklist as laid out in this report, it’s highly probable that people will start commenting on your photos. If you ignore their comments or only respond to a couple here or there, it shows them that you’re not interested in building a community.

So, make a point of responding to each person who comments to show how much you value them and to build friendships with your followers.

Doing so will lead to an even stronger connection and more engagement!

Most of all have fun with all of this! I personally, love to create fun pictures to share with my audience. It allows me the opportunity to let my creativity out. 🙂

If you would like to follow me on Instagram you can find me at:

Maggie helps entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses with digital marketing, growth ideas, websites and more. Maggie has over 30 years combined experience in traditional business, networkmarketing, self-employment, property management, online marketing and coaching.