Two of The Biggest Mistakes I see When Picking Out A Business or A Domain Name

Being a person who has many connections both offline and online, and being a Life & Business Coach, I am often chatting with people about their idea for their business name or domain name or how they are going to brand themselves and ‘the name’ always comes up.

Here are two of the common mistakes that often happen and people sometimes, unfortunately, don’t realize until it is too late…. which is why I am writing this… to prevent you from making any of these branding mistakes.

Mistake #1

Too long of a name.

For example when you are choosing a domain name, the shorter the better and for various reasons. Ex. It’s short, it’s easy to both spell and to remember. It also takes less space on business cards and printing materials. So always go for the shortest and simplest version.

Mistake #2

Too Crafty & Not Simple Enough

I get that we are creatives but some people get too crafty. You ask them what their business name means ex. They tell you that it is the first letter of their name, their husband’s name, and the name of their cousin twice removed and the 3 is for the 3 different types of art that they focus on 🙂 LOL! And believe it or not this happens all the time.

Another example is a name that means something to YOU but means nothing to your potential customer and they will never remember it. For example, “BrattleboroPrinting” Co. I just made this up. So maybe you live in Battleboro, Vermont, or you came from that town that you think fondly of, and now you own a Digital Printing Company that ships finished products all over North America…. who is going to remember this name? Personally I have never heard of this place until I Googled small towns in the USA to find an example and I know I will never remember how to spell it off the top of my head in the future.

So for both examples, what is the problem? Ask these questions:

Can people who don’t know you remember this name?

Gosh, can people who do know you remember this name?

Do people other than yourself care what it means?

Does it tell people what your brand or company is in a simplified manner?

Will your customers and peeps remember in the future if it is the number 3 or Three spelled out?

I am sure by now you get the idea 🙂

When it comes to branding and choosing those names, keep it simple and consistent.

I hope you found this helpful.

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