Limit Your ‘Always & Your Nevers’

“Limit your ‘always’ and your ‘nevers’ – Andy Pochler

A great point! ….. especially for those of us who are entrepreneurs and passion seekers.

Things are always changing and technologies are always advancing too! This is the whole fun of things…. nothing stays the same. We need to ebb and flow as we go along.

The secret is to be open minded, unlimited in our thinking, and ready to receive the new that comes our way.

After all we can always adjust our sails along the way if we try new things and find they don’t serve us…. but we will never know until we try. 🙂 Never say Never…

Another Simple Secret For Abundance!

“It’s said that wealthy people attract wealth. We know this to be true. How do they do it? They expect it. In their mind, no doubts cloud their goal, nothing causes them to pause or hesitate. They don’t worry about failure because, in their mind’s eye, all they can see is success.” Bob Proctor


This is truth! One of my favorite sayings is “Full-Speed Ahead!”

Keep your thoughts and visions on where you are going! I never look back and I have no failures. I have had experiences that have taught me which way to pivot and to adjust my sails as I go.

I do not see (and I have had many and BIG ones) losses of money through business ventures, stocks, opportunities etc. as failures. Why? Because:

A) It is pointless to focus my energy there


B) I know I can keep making more!

B is the true secret to abundance. There is always MORE!

This is why successful people gain momentum and amass more even if they have lost. They know the magic. It is not about the money or the house or the car, it is the knowing that you can create MORE just like an artist can keep creating artistic pieces of their choice!

I hope you enJOYed today’s post and please go forth today with an abundance mindset and in JOY!

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Full Speed Ahead!

Quote by Unknown Source: “Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.”

NO Time To Waste

I don’t know about you, but I have no time to waste.

Why would I ever look back and use my precious energy and my focus on a place that I am not headed?

For me it is full speed ahead! 🙂

Oh and I don’t see anything in life as mistakes. In fact, there are NO mistakes for me. I write about it here is you are interested in my thoughts around that 🙂

Using Our Mind’s Eye to Create

Professional photo camera showing an image of a woman on the display along with graphics to show using your mind’s eye to visualize and create.

Lately for some reason I have been fascinated with the thought of pictures. I love to take pictures and I often think “how can I take that picture in a split second and it captures this beauty or this exact moment?” I am absolutely mesmerized by this and I even think of it as magical!

This morning while doing my daily ‘mind’ reading I had a huge breakthrough. I got things at a deeper level. Now you might read this and think “well Maggie that is no revelation”. But for me it was the profound depth of getting this concept.

Okay let me get to the point. Not only have I been fascinated with the power of picture taking but also the concept of imagination and imaging. Now today I have put the two together! If we can take a picture with a camera and in an instant capture an entire scene complete with color and detail, imagine when we use our imagination… We are much more powerful than any camera or even computer will ever be! When we image or imagine things we too can create that picture that we imagine. This is super empowering.

I for one will no longer ever take lightly the act of visualization or seeing in my mind’s eye how I want my life to be. I am also open to it happening ‘in an instant’ just like a picture. 🙂

I have created many great things in my life and when I reflect back I now ‘see’ that I did indeed ‘see’ those images in my mind as though they were real and would indeed happen. I will now be more consciously active in these creations….

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this too 🙂 Why not drop a comment in the comment section. 🙂

Everything Is Figureoutable

Yesterday I got in the mail Marie Forleo’s new book “Everything is Figureoutable”.

I just started reading it and I know I am going to LOVE it. Just what I’ve read so far this morning, has fired me up. She talks about her mother and it reminds me so much of my late mother.

Here’s what I mean…. this is from the book on page 3

Marie came home one day to find her Mother fixing a little radio that she loved and that had broken. This is what transpired:

Marie says: “I stood there for a second, watching her work her magic. Finally, I asked, “Hey Mom, how do you know how to do so many different things that you’ve never done before, without anyone showing you how to do it?”

She put down her screwdriver, turned to me, and said, “Don’t be silly, Ree. Nothing in life is that complicated. You can do whatever you set your mind to if you just roll up your sleeves, get in there, and do it. Everything is figureoutable.”

I was transfixed, reveling in and repeating these words in my head: Everything is figureoutable. Everything is figureoutable. Holy shit, yes….


I love this attitude. My own mother was exactly like this. She lived in Northern Ontario, Canada, and had access to very little but could fix anything or figure out a way to make things happen. She also had an attitude of anything is possible. I can hear her in my mind “Oh, you can to”. This was one of her favorite sayings in response to someone wondering if something was possible or if they could indeed do something in life.

I know I will be highly recommending this book and can’t wait to dig in!

I will close with a quote from page 7 of the book: “We need you. We need your heart, your voice, your courage, your JOY, your creativity, your compassion, your love, and your gift. Now, more than ever.”

Earlier today I wrote a blog most over on my main blog MaggieHolbikBlog about exactly this through using our own expression and creativity. You may enJOY reading that post too. Here is the link:

I hope that you find the courage to know that everthing is indeed ‘figureoutable’ so that you can step up to the plate of life and share your gifts with the world. As Marie says “We need YOU!”

Maggie is a Certifed Life & Business Coach, and Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Coach who is very much an entrepreneur and who believes in the power of igniting our personal passions and sharing them with the world.

Want to Write & Need Inspiration?

Are You Wanting to Start Writing or Another Art Form?

I talk to so many people who would like to write in some way, shape or form. This was me too. I remember the day I heard this phrase. It changed my life! “A writer is someone who writes”.  This was profound to me and is one of my most treasured go-to principals now.  Use it for inspiration and to get started on anything. Ex. “A cook is someone who cooks“. “A blogger is someone who blogs“. You get the idea.  We just need to get started!

When you have an idea, the best time to ‘birth’ the idea is right away and when you birth (start) it, you need to feed that baby right away. So this means we need to start doing things on a consistent basis. For example, we must feed a baby often when it’s born or it will not live. It’s the same with ideas or inspiration, we need to FEED that baby (idea) right away and often! 🙂

Riding The Waves of Inspiration

Inspiration comes in waves so you have to ride the waves and know that they are normal, but being consistent is a dedication and a mindset. If you want to write blog posts for example, it’s a good idea to commit to writing on a regular basis. Let’s say you are going to write at least one a day for 5 days a week. Some days you may not be as inspired, as others days, but the idea here is to be dedicated to writing regardless. Or on the days you are extra inspired you can accumulate a few days worth and be prepared for those days when you are not as inspired. Either way, being consistent in your content delivery and your creation builds momentum and shows your readers and the universe that you are becoming a serious writer, because you write and you write often. When you write and write often on a consistent basis you will also improve your skill set and things will flow easier too! This is something I am working on as well and just by writing this, I feel more inspired to be more consistent. lol. There truly is a power in words!

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” Stephen King

The wonderful thing about writing is that you may do the work once, but you can use that creation over and over again in the future. I have two other blogs one my general blog for my Life Coaching and another for my Nutrition Business and I find myself regularly sending people to blog posts that I have done in the past. They might ask me a question about a certain ailment or nutrient, or they need help with an emotional issue and I send them the blog post I wrote on or around that topic. It is super helpful for me and for my clients and I am sure others who are reading them, which is the whole point 🙂

So I never see writing as a waste of my time. Not only do I LOVE to write now that ‘I’ve started to write’, but I know that my words will live on for future generations to perhaps benefit from and I have a resource to add value for the people in my life and those I will touch along the way.

I hope you are inspired to pick up the pen, so to speak, and feed the birth of your idea or inspiration and to get started today. 🙂

Maggie is a Certified Life & Business Coach who owns a Digital Marketing Company and loves to help empower individuals to brand and market themselves in the digital age so that the world can both en-JOY and benefit from the gifts that these artists have to offer!

The 9 to 5 Job Paradigm is Shifting to Freelancing & FREEDOM!!!

A Whole New Way of Working!

Call it what you want: Freelancing, working for yourself, designing the life you want, being a solopreneur, entrepreneur, consultant or any label you give it, the times are changing! And for those who embrace it, it is an exciting time!!!

Check out this stat and please note these pics are credit source: Upwork


The times are definitely changing and not only are the 9 to 5 jobs diminishing, people want to have and create lifestyles that adapt to their needs and wants. When one can customize a lifestyle and do the work that they love, there is a freedom like none other.


Working for oneself has a lot of other health benefits as well.  Being your own boss can be a very healthy situation for many reasons, beyond the fact that you can nap when you want too. 🙂

This was my cat Bella yesterday. She looked so cute and I just had to join her for a nap! 🙂 Any excuse will do. 🙂

bella napping

One of the great benefits that I love is that I can work in my health protocols into my workday. I take time to weave in my daily yoga, exercise, reading positive and uplifting material, taking my vitamins etc. and I make my own schedule. I am not afraid of working and in fact I have to work at not working so much because quite frankly I love it so much! When you love what you do, who you work for, and you can bring your artistic self into the mix, it’s easy to love what you do!


And let’s talk about technology changing the game!!!!! Everyday technology and the power of the internet is allowing people to work and play from anywhere! Truly!  I personally get more and more excited as I utlilize new technologies, platforms, photo editors, websites, free resources, free education, etc. etc. etc.! What an EXCITING and THRILLING time to be alive!!


And speaking of education. That is changing too. Check out this stat. “Freelancers value skills training over a formal education”. Wow! Another exciting thing is if you do like education, education is everywhere and often free at sites like One can even get a free university education now right from home! I personally just work on developing skills that enhance what I am doing to help me better work for myself and hone my craft. My craft to me is designing the lifestyle that I en-JOY and love, and creating multiple income streams as a by-product of doing what I love.

One of the best parts of this paradigm shift, is that the artists of the world can share their gifts. I see artists flourishing everyday and weaving their gifts into their work. Whether you are a creative person who likes to write, paint, draw, use words, sing, cook, are into health and wellness, educating, helping, teaching, crafts, photography etc. etc. etc…..  you too can participate in this new paradigm!!!

It is time to use our gifts and share them with the world! If you are looking to find your passion or work for yourself, I encourage you to open your mind to the ENDLESS possibilities. There are lots of great resources out there and even coaches who can help you get started on your path to freedom. 🙂

Maggie is a Life & Business Coach who has been an employee, entrepreneur, business owner, property manager, and more, but she loves being her own boss the best. She kind of  thinks her Boss Rocks. 🙂 🙂 #workandplayfromanywhere 🙂 Oh ya!

Ask Questions. Get Results!

who what when where why

Whether you are in a business where you sell a product or service, or you are in a recruiting type of business where your business grows by adding partners to your team, asking questions is paramount to success.

Many people have a fear of saying ‘the wrong thing’. Well guess what? When you ask questions you take the focus off of yourself and you let your prospect or potential customer do the talking! And then, they tell you all you will ever need to know to better answer the question of why they should partner with you or why your product may be the solution to their problem or challenge. Questions rule! Listeners win!

By becoming a master question asker, you will create value with your prospects, uncover needs and wants, and more importantly you will create a relationship that can grow and evolve. Have you ever been with someone who goes on and on and only talks about themselves? You know, the “I”, “I”, “I”, types. Not too fun is it?

When we ask questions, we show we care, and we gain insight, and when we take the opportunity to truly listen and to digest what they are saying, we truly gain huge strides in relationship building.

Have fun asking questions. As a Life and Business Coach, I have learned to ask lots of questions. The coaching model is based on asking good questions and probing our clients to help them identify where it is they want to go, and sales is no different. The sooner you become a Master Question Asker, the sooner you will flourish in your business, and more importantly, the sooner you will begin making a difference in the lives of others.

Maggie is a Certified Life & Business Coach, who helps people all over the world to lead their lives with passion and to create businesses that are customized to their unique situations, want and desires. Maggie has been a successful entrepreneur in many industries over the past 30 years, including networkmarketing.


Getting Results from Knowing What You Want!

Everyday I receive a note from, also known as “Notes from the Universe”. Today’s was great and inspired me to write a quick blog post around it. Here it is:
True life mastery, Maggie, is more a function of knowing what to want, than knowing how to get what you want. 
   The Universe
This one hit me perfectly. I have a note on my fridge that says something like “All business starts and ends in my mind.” This is a saying I made up. I know for a fact that the results I get all start with my mind and my intention.
When my daughter was little she used to call it ‘minding’. She would say something like “Mom, I minded it”. And I knew exactly what she meant!
I mind everyday. In fact, I have become a ‘Master Minder’ and ‘Master Manifestor’. 
I attribute most of my success at all of this from my understanding of how clear one must be with universal laws. You truly have to know what you want and to be very clear about it. The universe does not respond well, or maybe I should say, IT DOES respond well, to confusion. LOL!
When one is wishy washy and uncertain, guess what you get in your life and business? More uncertainty and things bouncing around. But when you know without a shadow of a doubt that success or greatness, or servitude is what you seek, it will seek you back!
For more on this you can read a post over on my main blog What You Seek Seeks YOU!
Read carefully what the second part of the note from the universe  says  “than knowing how to get what you want”. Let that sink in. To me, this means I must be clear on what I want and what is important to ME, and then I TRUST in the power of the energetic alignment of that which I am seeking is seeking me. It’s soooooooooooo simple! I personally do this everyday and all the time.
For me it’s getting to the point that it almost happens instantaneously!  For example, a little story. The other day I was thinking I would like an extra thermos type carafe for my coffee maker so I could take one with me while driving and then still have one at home… you know make and go 🙂 Well later that day I walked into one of my favorite thrift stores and BAM, the exact one I wanted and needed.  Exactly! And only $3, I might add. 🙂
The carafe story is a little example of the power of being clear on what you want and then allowing it to match up, but it matters not…. if one can do it with a coffee pot, one can do it with something larger like success in business, or happiness, or more JOY! It all responds to the same laws!!!!
One of my missions is to help my clients with these powerful truths.  In fact, in May, I am travelling to Denver and going to become a certified “Infinite Possibilities Trainer”. I know pretty cool right?
Anyhoo, I gotta run and getting ready for a workshop I am attending at the Northwestern Innovations Centre NWO Website Link    where I will be learning about patents! I love learning and it also helps me to be a better coach.
Have a great day everyone!
Maggie is a Certified Life Coach, Business Coach, Nutritionist, Speaker, and some other stuff, but most importantly she is just a person who loves life, learning and EMPOWERING others. Happy Day to all! Oh and if you like what you read, why not check out my two other blogs?