Keys to Success in Anything

Man standing on a mountain with the quote: “Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes, it’s built on catastrophe.” Summer Redstone

This quote reminds me of the saying “As one door closes, another one opens”.

I have always been a believer in failing your way to success; however, I’ve never really seen it as failing. I have seen it more so as having tried what does not work in order to find out what does work.

When you realize that this is a normal part of so called success, it takes the pressure off. I think the biggest trait that makes a difference, is when one is persistent and when one never gives up. Now that is the key to success and for surviving so called failure. 🙂

I write about the power of persistence often and for good reason. Just keep on truckin! 🙂

This Tissue is a HUGE Deal… HUGE * HUGE * HUGE *

This morning I was on one of my exercise machines, a whole body vibration platform, and I was thinking “I need a Kleenex/Tissue”… As I say it my eyes turn toward my stack of books and boof there is one tissue!

I was like “Wow, I manifested a tissue!” And ONE tissue. That was exactly what I wanted.

Now you might think I’m crazy but I don’t. This is a HUGE deal. Do you know why?

Because manifesting is easy once you tap into the universal laws, but here is the best part….. It’s just as easy to manifest a million dollars as it is one dollar! So just knowing that you can manifest a tissue means you can manifest ANYTHING!

There are no limits really. 🙂 I for one, was just grateful for the once again reminder of the power of manifestation. I manifest things into my life ALL the time. But now I just have a ball with it. I have been saying for years “I AM a Master Manifestor” and guess what? Yep… I am 🙂

Be careful with the stories you tell and the beliefs you buy into. They will either take your where you want to go or limit you in life. Choose wisely my friends.

Happy Manifesting…

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