5 Ways for Hair Salons To Increase Revenues

Business has certainly changed hasn’t it? I have been talking to small business owners and their staff and they tell me that adjusting to this new norm is challenging for most of them.

In particular I have been talking to several hair stylists who tell me that they are nervous and concerned about business lately. They tell me that not only are they dealing with restrictions on the number of clients that can be in their shops but they are also finding fewer people coming in for services overall.

This all got me thinking that there are ways to help these businesses to add on additional services or products to help increase profits and of course, doing this online is the way to go.

Here are some ideas that I came up with to start:

  1. Add on some merchandise to your business. The list is really endless but some ideas that come to mind for salons are: wigs, masks, apparel, t-shirts with slogans, makeup, supplements, and more. Try to think of things that can be sold online and even shipped anywhere.
  2. Offer video tutorials that pertain to beauty and wellness. Work at creating a following that might later transition into candidates for an online course or e-books that you might offer. Make sure you have a strong website that is the hub for all of your business and business add ons.
  3. This one is the MOST important. Make sure that you are collecting email addresses from ALL of your clients and customer base. You need to work at building this to stay in contact with them, educate them, and then you will have your list to let them know about your new products and services as you release them. The money is always in the list!
  4. Collaborate with other business owners and come up with packages that you can offer together and both promote. For example maybe you partner with a aesthetician and a massage therapist. You could come up with a great package price with extra goodies and your clients would enjoy a luxury package that at the end of the day increases exposure and revenues for all businesses involved. People are in real need of pampering right now.
  5. Joint Venture with a professional like a Life Coach, Nutritionist etc. Offer to promote their services to your existing client base and work out a win-win referral fee that helps both of you and best of all can really help your existing clients who are in need of some support. As we know a hairdresser is a trusted source for listening to what is going on in someone’s life. Why not go to the next level by making recommendations to help your clients in their life?

This is just a short list but I hope you found it helpful.

I would love to hear your ideas too!