Believing Is Seeing (っ◔◑◔)っ

“The I AM (your consciousness) is the only door through which anything canΒ pass into your world. Stop looking (っ◔◑◔)for signs. Signs follow; they do not precede.Β Begin to reverse the statement, “Seeing is believing,” to “Believing is seeing(っ◔◑◔).” StartΒ now to believe, not with the wavering confidence based on deceptive external evidence but with an undaunted confidence based on the immutable law that you canΒ be that which you desire to be. You will find that you are not a victim of fate but aΒ victim of faith {your own).”

Neville Goddard

Absolutely love this quote from Neville and agree 100%.

As a person who uses my imaging also known as using your imagination to create, I can promise you 1000% that this stuff works.

You and I are more powerful than we can ever imagine and that too is true because we live in a universe of Infinite Possibilities and that also pertains to our powers and capabilities. This a BIG DEAL and not to be taken lightly!

I hope this opens your mind up to all that is available to you.

I especially like thinking this way when it comes to internet marketing and the digital world. As business owners online, we have infinite possibilities and ways to create wealth online and there is no limit.

Have a great day everyone!

Maggie is currently the #1 Recommended Business on Alignable for her city. #gratitude

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You Are Your Brand in Life & Business

Ultimately people buy your product and services because of YOU. People buy because of the value created and the trust they feel. This is why being authentic and genuine, along with the desire to serve the world is truly a winning combination! Go forth and be YOU today on your work and your world! πŸ™‚

Dream Baby Dream!

Dream * Dream * Dream Dream your way to where you want to go. See it, feel it, imagine it, believe it, add color, add sound, add words…… make that dream magnificant! You’ve got this!

Imagination IS the Key to Having it All!

Quote from Neville Goddard on a picture of The Sleeping Giant on Lake Superior in Canada

Only his imagination you say? Imagination is 𝓔π“₯π“”π“‘π“¨π“£π“—π“˜π“π“–! We are what we imagine. We are our own virtual printing machines walking the earth. I believe this to be absolutely true!

What we ‘image’ or ‘imagine’ is what we bring into our reality … that is ‘we make real’.

Another quote from Neville is “It is the exact and literal minded who live in a fictitious world”. πŸ™‚ Wow. Ponder on that one.

I for one, am jumping in whole heartedly and with passion into using my imagination to create my world and my world is AMAZING I must say!

I project onto my worldly canvas what I want to create in my life. I am the master artist of both my destiny and my playground. πŸ™‚ And this my friends feels fan and funtastic! I highly recommend using your imagination both in your life and for your business goals.

Have an AMAZING day everyone and keep on imagining! πŸ™‚

Using Our Mind’s Eye to Create

Professional photo camera showing an image of a woman on the display along with graphics to show using your mind’s eye to visualize and create.

Lately for some reason I have been fascinated with the thought of pictures. I love to take pictures and I often think “how can I take that picture in a split second and it captures this beauty or this exact moment?” I am absolutely mesmerized by this and I even think of it as magical!

This morning while doing my daily ‘mind’ reading I had a huge breakthrough. I got things at a deeper level. Now you might read this and think “well Maggie that is no revelation”. But for me it was the profound depth of getting this concept.

Okay let me get to the point. Not only have I been fascinated with the power of picture taking but also the concept of imagination and imaging. Now today I have put the two together! If we can take a picture with a camera and in an instant capture an entire scene complete with color and detail, imagine when we use our imagination… We are much more powerful than any camera or even computer will ever be! When we image or imagine things we too can create that picture that we imagine. This is super empowering.

I for one will no longer ever take lightly the act of visualization or seeing in my mind’s eye how I want my life to be. I am also open to it happening ‘in an instant’ just like a picture. πŸ™‚

I have created many great things in my life and when I reflect back I now ‘see’ that I did indeed ‘see’ those images in my mind as though they were real and would indeed happen. I will now be more consciously active in these creations….

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this too πŸ™‚ Why not drop a comment in the comment section. πŸ™‚

We Live in a Marketer’s Dream Age!

I literally have trouble sleeping at night or trying to sleep longer in the mornings. I just want to get up and start creating. I feel as though a creative monster or super power has awakened in me!

My head spins with ideas for creation, marketing and inspiring others.

My breath gets taken away when I think of the potential for reaching the world through the internet and all of the tools and platforms available to us right now. And there are new ones coming out every day!

I am having so much fun playing with photo editors, video creation tools, social media platforms, engaging in groups, blogging and the list goes on and on and on. I see it all as art.

Thanks for taking the time to read what I felt I had to express today. πŸ™‚ I’m bursting with JOYful exuberance about all of this.

Have a great day everyone!

And please, please see the opportunities before you… there are so many!

Heart Conscious Business Ideas

As a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Coach I both use and teach three useful questions when testing out new ideas, especially when it comes to anything to do with sharing of information that will make a difference in someone’s life or work. I love to Inspire.

I believe these questions are helpful in whatever we do in business or in life. We are all looking to be more authentic and raw and that is a beautiful thing. When we bring our heart into our work it adds a whole new depth to the term ‘Service.”

Perhaps you will find these questions useful in your life and work.

Here they are:

To quickly achieve clarity and have confidence in a new idea, ask the following 3 questions:

1) Does it speak of life’s beauty?

2) Does it empower?

3) Is it non-exclusionary?

“Lead with an artistic heart…. full of color, diversity and JOY”… Me

Why Not Invest in YOU?!?!

Lately I have been really tapping into the power and wisdom of investing in oneself. I am a firm believer in personal development and ongoing learning. In fact I consider myself a self-educated junkie that never stops and I LIKE that about me!

I am forever taking courses, buying courses, buying books, reading books, attending webinars, watching videos, collaborating with others, traveling for training, signing up for people’s newsletters etc. etc. etc. You get the idea. I am an info maniac πŸ™‚

Now the cool part is that I DO use all of this info! Being a Life and Business Coach as well as my newest addition to my coaches kit of a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, I am able to help others by using all of this ongoing learning I partake in. So it helps me and it helps others. I see myself as a shortcut for people or a bridge of information. I can coach them and help them fast track certain information to help make it easier and faster for them to make changes or implement knowledge that can get them the results they want or need. It works. πŸ™‚

I truly am in love with my new work as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Coach! I travelled to Denver, Colorado this month and trained under Mike Dooley directly. Mike was in the movie “The Secret”. Even the words ‘infinite possibilities’ resonates with me. I love helping people to expand their minds, their hearts, and their options in life. And I love that we live in an era of infinite information that people share and that the internet allows us to benefit from all of this. These are truly exciting times.

Wrapping this post up, I would encourage anyone and everyone to be open to investing in themselves. Who better to invest in but YOU?

Never stop learning, keep growing, keep evolving and watch your life soar to magical heights! I believe in YOU!

Maggie is a passionate coach who LOVES to help people. She has a mission to free people from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that bind them to mediocrity because she really does believe in Infinite Possibilities!! Oh ya!