Take That First Step

In all my years as an entrepreneur and business owner, one of the key things that I feel is so important and something that I go back to time and time again is the simple art of taking the first step!

I am a very creative person and my mind is firing ideas and creativity all day (and night 🙂 ) long!  None of this matters unless you apply it and it is something I have struggled with for years…. too many ideas and not enough focus.  However, I have been able to change this for the better simply by ‘doing something’ which is similar to a first step.

For example, I recently started this business blog. That was a first step. I thought about how I have so much experience in all kinds of business and how I love to share and help people with what I have learned over the years, so I thought hey why not blog about it? And I took the step and started the blog.

The best time to feed an idea is when it’s born. 🙂 Then it starts to grow on its own and will expand and adapt as one goes along. The other key after taking a first step are taking small steps like I am doing… trying to write a blog post here every other day or so. It’s not that I don’t want to, or for lack of content or commitment, but more so time… there is only so much time in a day, but because I took that first step I’m in the game. 🙂

Now it’s baby steps, putting one foot in front on the other until I will be up and running and off to my next first step.

What about you? Is it time to take the first step on something? Another way to look at is “taking the plunge”…. take the plunge and let the details work themselves out as you go along. So often we analysis everything to death and it stops us in our tracks. Successful people take plunges and get things done. 🙂

Maggie Holbik.com is a Certified Life Coach and Business Coach who takes first steps often and is learning to be more focused. She has so much she wants to do in life and there are so many things that bring her JOY, it’s hard to pick! 🙂