How Just ONE Word Can Make Such A Difference

I recently switched out one word for a new word and it has made such a difference in my life and work!

In fact, I have been teaching it also to my large team of entrepreneurs.

You are probably curious as to what the word is so here it goes.

The word is ‘INVESTMENT’ verses for example ‘EXPENSE’ or ‘LOSING TIME’.

Words used like this:

If I purchase or take supplements I am investing in my health.

If I pay for a course, I am investing in myself and my business.

If I take time to do my daily yoga, I am investing time in my health and in my peace of mind.

If I take time to read an educational book I am investing in my knowledge base and again in me!

If I eat nutrient dense food, I am investing in my health and vitality.

If I spend money on tools for my business, they are not expenses to me, they are an investment in my overall profitability and business growth.

When I speak positively, I am investing in my mental wellness.

Okay I think you get the idea. So rather than seeing things as ‘expenses’ when you invest time, money, or attention to something, see them as the investments they are.

Investing in something is a form of leverage also!

Even saying the word Investment instead of ‘An Expense’ changes everything for me. An investment makes me feel empowered and fills me up. The word expense makes me feeling as though I am losing something.

What a difference!

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