░F░u░l░l░ ░S░p░e░e░d░ ░A░h░e░a░d – Less Thinking & More Doing!

I saw this post by Jann Arden, Canadian singer-song writer and actress, on her FB Page and I loved it! You can read it below, but the message is clear, whether we are living in the past, stressing over the future, or contemplating where we are, we just need to “DO” and to ENJOY who we are being while we are doing.

I hope you enJOY Jann’s words as much as I did today. Here they are:

By Jann Arden:

“I asked my grandmother once, if she ever felt “anxiety” when she was growing up. After a thoughtful pause she replied, “Well- we never thought about ourselves back in those days. We didn’t sit and think about what we felt like, we just didn’t have the time. We got up and went outside to work.”

I didn’t expect her to say anything remotely like that-, I thought she was going to say, “Well OF COURSE we did!” But -she did not. We spend a lot of time thinking about what we feel like every second of the day and I am guilty of that as well.

This piece of time- this slice of history we’ve been presented with has exacerbated our thinking process. It has escalated the speed and the volume of our thoughts. We’re all on a wheel that is rolling down the side of a mountain, headed for a speeding train. You get my drift.

I’ve decided that I am going to quit thinking all together. That’s right, I’m not thinking anymore.
I am going to start doing instead.
I am going to find purpose in seemingly small things.
I am going to walk down the road and feel the gravel beneath my crappy old rubber boots.
I am going to listen to the birds yatter and chatter and yell at each other.
I am going to stop dwelling on old things, old memories, what was, where I was a year ago, a decade ago, a lifetime ago.
I am going to be right where I am.

I am going to phone three friends everyday and cheer them on.
I am going to plant things and check them every single day to see how they’re doing.
I am going to watch old movies and probably bite my nails.
I am going to hug my dog.
I am going to say goodbye to controlling my life and hello to being okay with it.
I am going to talk out loud to my mother.
I am going to ask for help when I need it and even when I don’t need it, because we all want to help each other even if we don’t think we do.
When one of us is sad, we are all sad.
When one of us suffers, we all suffer.

When one of us is hungry, we are all hungry.

The things we’ve learned in two months, would have taken us 20ty years.
What a gift this has been.
Even if you don’t see it yet, you will.
The universe just handed us a piece of time.
The thing we have always wanted the most.”