Why Not Invest in YOU?!?!

Lately I have been really tapping into the power and wisdom of investing in oneself. I am a firm believer in personal development and ongoing learning. In fact I consider myself a self-educated junkie that never stops and I LIKE that about me!

I am forever taking courses, buying courses, buying books, reading books, attending webinars, watching videos, collaborating with others, traveling for training, signing up for people’s newsletters etc. etc. etc. You get the idea. I am an info maniac 🙂

Now the cool part is that I DO use all of this info! Being a Life and Business Coach as well as my newest addition to my coaches kit of a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, I am able to help others by using all of this ongoing learning I partake in. So it helps me and it helps others. I see myself as a shortcut for people or a bridge of information. I can coach them and help them fast track certain information to help make it easier and faster for them to make changes or implement knowledge that can get them the results they want or need. It works. 🙂

I truly am in love with my new work as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Coach! I travelled to Denver, Colorado this month and trained under Mike Dooley directly. Mike was in the movie “The Secret”. Even the words ‘infinite possibilities’ resonates with me. I love helping people to expand their minds, their hearts, and their options in life. And I love that we live in an era of infinite information that people share and that the internet allows us to benefit from all of this. These are truly exciting times.

Wrapping this post up, I would encourage anyone and everyone to be open to investing in themselves. Who better to invest in but YOU?

Never stop learning, keep growing, keep evolving and watch your life soar to magical heights! I believe in YOU!

Maggie Holbik.com is a passionate coach who LOVES to help people. She has a mission to free people from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that bind them to mediocrity because she really does believe in Infinite Possibilities!! Oh ya!