10 Tips For Marketing With Facebook Groups & Pages

10 Tips for Marketing Your Business with Facebook Groups & Facebook Pages

Groups Offer Great Exposure!

One of the keys to marketing effectively is getting a good promotional message about your company or product or service in front of large numbers of potential customers.

Facebook Groups are an excellent way for making large numbers of people aware of your business, your products or services, and your message.

Here are some ideas:

1.   Search Groups for interests that you would expect your customers to have. For example, if you sell camping gear, search for groups using keywords like camping, hunting, or outdoors. You will find many groups that are relevant to your business. Don’t hesitate to join them all.

2.   Post to those groups, and do it often. Posting more than once a day is helpful. More posts increase the likelihood that any individual member of the group will see your post. Since you may be joining dozens of groups, unique posts for each group would be impractical. Create posts that can be used across the whole range of groups you have joined.

3.   Use images in your posts. Images get far more interest and response than simple text posts. For a great media app that has two free photo editors right in it along with 7 million assets, check out Maggie’s Media App. I highly recommend this app because it has everything you need to make graphics and more and it will protect your from any copywrite infringements.

Groups and Pages

4.   Include links to your website or a call to action (“Click for more information” for example) with images. Your first goal is to build exposure, and a large fan base is evidence of that growing exposure. You want the group’s members to go to your Facebook page, where they will find more information about you, your company and your products.

5.   Create some item that can be emailed at regular intervals. Whether in posts to the group or on your Facebook page, you should have a call to action – Sign Up For My Newsletter, for example. When visitors sign up for that newsletter you grow your email list, which can become an entirely separate marketing tool. Be careful though to follow each particular group’s rules. Many do not allow personal or business promotion.

6.   Do not post only ads to the groups. Also create posts that actually provide value, whether entertainment or information, to the reader. You want to build a relationship with the reader that makes them more inclined to trust your business. In fact, this should be your number one goal in the group(s). For example, if you are an avid bird watcher for example, contribute to the group by sharing your knowledge and experience. You will soon be thought of as the go-to expert for bird watching and if you sell any products or services to do with bird watching or nature you will now have a list of prospective buyers because you have created value.

7.   Whether posting ads or informative or entertaining posts, address problems that your product or service will solve for them. It doesn’t have to be a blatant cry for their business. Just making people think about the problem and creating an awareness that you can help contributes to the relationship.

8.   Use giveaways to encourage visits to your Facebook page. Giveaways don’t have to be costly. An informative report that addresses visitors’ interests or can cost you nothing to put together and increase your Facebook fan’s interest in your business.

9.   In all of your efforts, keep in mind that your success is dependent upon building a relationship with the individuals in the group and with the visitors to your Facebook page. Whether they are a few dozen or a few thousand, gear your campaigns to individuals, not groups. Relationship marketing is where it is at!

10. Be Honest. Always be honest, humble and serve others.

For an explosive growth in your Facebook Page’s fan base, and a corresponding growth in sales, there is no more effective single tools than Facebook Groups and Pages. Work and enJOY them on a consistent basis and you can see powerful results.

And if you have any questions about my Media App, please feel free to reach out. I am always here to help.

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