Working From Home

Well we sure are in an interesting time aren’t we?

I know for many of you, working from home, will be a new thing. For me, I have been working from home and working and playing from anywhere for a long time. 🙂

I thought I would share a quick tip for everyone that might be helpful for you.

Working at home can be distracting. It’s super easy to get distracted by things like throwing in a load of laundry and then seeing something you need to pick up etc.

It is really helpful to set up time blocks and rewards. For example, I will set a time to work on a project on the computer and then reward myself with a 10 minute break that allows me to check my social media, emails etc. For you a reward might be something like taking 10 minutes after an hour’s work to just sit or to enjoy a cup of tea without working.

There really is no right or wrong to this, it is just helpful to think in time blocks when you are working from home. Otherwise it is super easy to get thrown off.

I hope you find this helpful. I love small and simple bits of info. 🙂