30 Freaking Seconds Can Change Your Life & Make Your Dreams Come True!

Everyday I try to start the day with some positive inspiration and today I stumbled upon this YouTube Video that I thought was AWESOME! It is by Mel Robbins and is called “The No. 1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily”. I will post the link at the end of this post.

I highly recommend everyone watch this video! I consider myself a master manifestor in my life but I am always open to learning and growing and finding new ways to hone my skill of manifesting, and this video did not disappoint!

Here are some highlights:

Mel likes to call the skill she teaches “Seeing Signs”. I like this. Basically she talks about reprogramming your brain by utilizing the science based system of your ‘Reticular Activation System’. I have shortened it to my RAS.

The RAS is that part of our brain that will go through our day looking for evidence to confirm our beliefs, all day long!  The key is to reprogram your beliefs to ones that are ones that you do want to activate and bring about. Personally, I have become excellent at this (I was going to say pretty good, but I am programming here so I use my words wisely wink wink), and now I don’t even consider it reprogramming but ‘programming’. I program with my intention, thoughts, and focus on what I want, where I am headed and what I want to create in my life. I then feel how that would feel, just as Mel suggests in this video. Again I highly recommend you watch it. I watched it twice and will watch again. The first time I listened and the second time, I listened, stopped it and took notes. The time it took for me to listen and take notes will pay off big time in my life, so to me it is worth every second!

Here is Mel’s To-Do portion in a short version.

For 30 days:

Day 1 go through your life goals. For 30 seconds, close your eyes and visualize what that goal or goals look like this year.  How does your life look like when you achieve this goal or goals? How do you feel? See yourself feeling the way you will be feeling. See yourself enjoying your new lifestyle, working out at the gym, asking for the raise, being more empowered, or whatever it is  that you are seeking.  You are reprogramming your brain here and changing  the network of neurons that act as a filter. The more you actually believe and see yourself this way, the more everything starts to shift and the more evidence to support these new beliefs will start to appear.

As you start to visualize and feel, you start to reprogram your RAS, which is a system of neurons that acts like a filter and it starts to spot opportunities and also starts to help you SEE evidence that you are confident, you are capable, you are financially free, etc., etc.

You know, this got me thinking that this is very much like ad re-targeting. You know what I am talking about…. we search something online or on Facebook and then we see all these ads for that type of product or service and we get kind of creeped out? Yep, I knew you’d know what I meant. 🙂 I see this system of RAS as brain re-targeting. We use our own minds to re-target our programming and to bring to us the ads (new evidence) of the new beliefs. Pretty cool right?

So here is the link to Mel’s video Link to Mel’s Video

I hope you find this helpful and I am bookmarking this video for sure 🙂

Maggie Holbik.com is a Life & Business Coach who loves to inspire, loves to create and loves to #workandplayfromanywhere. Right now she is writing at her lake house which was once a visualization and now a reality. 🙂 This stuff works my friends.

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The 9 to 5 Job Paradigm is Shifting to Freelancing & FREEDOM!!!

A Whole New Way of Working!

Call it what you want: Freelancing, working for yourself, designing the life you want, being a solopreneur, entrepreneur, consultant or any label you give it, the times are changing! And for those who embrace it, it is an exciting time!!!

Check out this stat and please note these pics are credit source: Upwork


The times are definitely changing and not only are the 9 to 5 jobs diminishing, people want to have and create lifestyles that adapt to their needs and wants. When one can customize a lifestyle and do the work that they love, there is a freedom like none other.


Working for oneself has a lot of other health benefits as well.  Being your own boss can be a very healthy situation for many reasons, beyond the fact that you can nap when you want too. 🙂

This was my cat Bella yesterday. She looked so cute and I just had to join her for a nap! 🙂 Any excuse will do. 🙂

bella napping

One of the great benefits that I love is that I can work in my health protocols into my workday. I take time to weave in my daily yoga, exercise, reading positive and uplifting material, taking my vitamins etc. and I make my own schedule. I am not afraid of working and in fact I have to work at not working so much because quite frankly I love it so much! When you love what you do, who you work for, and you can bring your artistic self into the mix, it’s easy to love what you do!


And let’s talk about technology changing the game!!!!! Everyday technology and the power of the internet is allowing people to work and play from anywhere! Truly!  I personally get more and more excited as I utlilize new technologies, platforms, photo editors, websites, free resources, free education, etc. etc. etc.! What an EXCITING and THRILLING time to be alive!!


And speaking of education. That is changing too. Check out this stat. “Freelancers value skills training over a formal education”. Wow! Another exciting thing is if you do like education, education is everywhere and often free at sites like http://www.edex.com. One can even get a free university education now right from home! I personally just work on developing skills that enhance what I am doing to help me better work for myself and hone my craft. My craft to me is designing the lifestyle that I en-JOY and love, and creating multiple income streams as a by-product of doing what I love.

One of the best parts of this paradigm shift, is that the artists of the world can share their gifts. I see artists flourishing everyday and weaving their gifts into their work. Whether you are a creative person who likes to write, paint, draw, use words, sing, cook, are into health and wellness, educating, helping, teaching, crafts, photography etc. etc. etc…..  you too can participate in this new paradigm!!!

It is time to use our gifts and share them with the world! If you are looking to find your passion or work for yourself, I encourage you to open your mind to the ENDLESS possibilities. There are lots of great resources out there and even coaches who can help you get started on your path to freedom. 🙂

Maggie Holbik.com is a Life & Business Coach who has been an employee, entrepreneur, business owner, property manager, and more, but she loves being her own boss the best. She kind of  thinks her Boss Rocks. 🙂 🙂 #workandplayfromanywhere 🙂 Oh ya!

Amassing Wealth is Easy

“Amassing Wealth is Easy”.  Thoughts become things, and it’s no more difficult to playfully imagine a million dollars than it is to imagine one dollar. Give yourself permission to think BIG!” Mike Dooley from his book “Leveraging the Universe”.

I completely agree with this quote by Mike Dooley. I am an avid watcher of my thoughts and I even have my own quote about thoughts: “I control my thoughts, they don’t control me.” 🙂

i control my thoughts

I see thoughts as tools and I use my tools wisely. In fact, I like to hone my craft (my life) with my tools. I believe in abundance and abundance comes to me. When one starts to tap into abundance, one realizes that abundance is much more than just material abundance. Material abundance is awesome, but abundance can also include, and is not limited to, health, happiness, love, JOY, fun, laughter, great food, experiences, travel and more.  I say it time and time again and I will say it again “What you seek, seeks YOU!”

The first step in attracting abundance of any kind is by believing in the magic of abundance. I personally am in hook, line and sinker, because why not? Thinking BIG has allowed me to create a life that I LOVE! And I just keep on expanding on it everyday.

When you tap into controlling your thoughts and using them as tools for catalysing change, you can create magical experiences and tap into all that the universe has to offer. It’s all there for the taking!

Here are a few tips for tapping into this pool of abundance:

  1. Be very clear with your thoughts. The Uni, (as I like to call it… aka The Universe:-), does not like wishy washy.  Sending unclear messages and thoughts, creates wishy washy results. Be very clear on your wishes and desires. For example, I am very clear that I both believe in, and allow abundance to fill my life in joyous ways, and it does! Like the diamond in the picture, think clarity and be crystal clear!
  2. Believe you are deserving! As a Life Coach I often see people ‘playing small’ or ‘settling for less’, because often they are too afraid to believe that it can happen to them or for them. Or, they think if they just ‘settle’, they won’t be disappointed. What is really happening in all of this, is that they do not feel worthy. Work on worthiness. Do whatever you need to do… affirmations, read positive material, search out Youtube videos on self-esteem and worthiness, hire a life coach or therapist… do whatever you need to do to turn up your worthy dial and do it asap. Life is but a fleeting moment and we have no time to waste! Get er done!
  3. There’s enough for everyone! In fact, by you having yours, you will spill over and help all of those around you.
  4. Money is a Tool just like your thoughts.  For example, a hammer, which is also a tool, can  build a house or destroy a house. Same with money. It’s a tool that you can do some really good and super cool things with. It’s all how you use the tools!

I will close for now as I don’t like to make these posts too long. I know we are all busy. I will write more on this topic in the future, but in the meantime start thinking BIG right now and do it with feeling. ‘Feel’ the feeling of abundance and see yourself loving your joyous and juicy life that you are creating right now!

Maggie Holbik.com is a Certified Life Coach and Business Coach who loves empowering and teaching people how to tap into abundance and how to use their own thoughts as tools to create the life of their dreams!




Is it an Asset or a Liability?

money tree

One of the things I have learned about what makes successful people successful is they use this question a lot! “Is this an asset or a liability?”

An asset is something that benefits you and contributes to your success and a liability is something that takes away or simply does not contribute.

For example, if I buy a large screen TV to watch general TV programming and I am an entrepreneur this would most likely be a liability and even perhaps cost me money over and above the initial purchase cost of the television because the time I spend watching takes me away from building my own business!

On the other hand, if I purchased the TV to use for doing business presentations or for watching webinars on topics useful to growing my business, then it is an asset and a potential tax deduction!  It can actually make me money and/or enhance my business.

When you learn to question everything including the time you spend doing things, you quickly start to learn to make asset building choices more often.

There you go a simple question you can use to change your business and your life!

Maggie Holbik.com is a Certified Life & Business Coach with over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner of various businesses. She is also a property manager and believes in multiple income streams including networkmarketing. Maggie also owns a digital marketing company Webpros2


Ask Questions. Get Results!

who what when where why

Whether you are in a business where you sell a product or service, or you are in a recruiting type of business where your business grows by adding partners to your team, asking questions is paramount to success.

Many people have a fear of saying ‘the wrong thing’. Well guess what? When you ask questions you take the focus off of yourself and you let your prospect or potential customer do the talking! And then, they tell you all you will ever need to know to better answer the question of why they should partner with you or why your product may be the solution to their problem or challenge. Questions rule! Listeners win!

By becoming a master question asker, you will create value with your prospects, uncover needs and wants, and more importantly you will create a relationship that can grow and evolve. Have you ever been with someone who goes on and on and only talks about themselves? You know, the “I”, “I”, “I”, types. Not too fun is it?

When we ask questions, we show we care, and we gain insight, and when we take the opportunity to truly listen and to digest what they are saying, we truly gain huge strides in relationship building.

Have fun asking questions. As a Life and Business Coach, I have learned to ask lots of questions. The coaching model is based on asking good questions and probing our clients to help them identify where it is they want to go, and sales is no different. The sooner you become a Master Question Asker, the sooner you will flourish in your business, and more importantly, the sooner you will begin making a difference in the lives of others.

Maggie Holbik.com is a Certified Life & Business Coach, who helps people all over the world to lead their lives with passion and to create businesses that are customized to their unique situations, want and desires. Maggie has been a successful entrepreneur in many industries over the past 30 years, including networkmarketing.


Blogging & Organizing Tip for Creatives


I love information and when I see something that is a topic that inspires me, or an article, blog post, picture, etc., I simply send myself that article or piece, as a reminder that I want to ‘write about it’.

I have set up a separate email account just for myself that is for my blogging, so when I run across something that inspires me, I just shoot it off to my email. It’s kind of like a digital filing cabinet for my ideas that I can access from anywhere.

Actually, I have set up many emails for this purpose. For example for my travel notes and itineraries, my to do list, etc. It works like a charm because my main email is home to a few hundred thousand emails (I don’t delete), and I subscribe to a lot of things (more ideas for me ) and this keeps these email accounts separate and targeted to my topic at hand i.e. “for blogging”.

I hope you found this helpful and happy blogging!

Maggie Holbik.com is a Certified Life Coach and Business Coach who  owns a Digital Marketing Company that offers web design, social media marketing, video marketing, e-book creation, logos, and more. Maggie is most excited about her new division to help business owners with Interactive Video. I.V. production  prompts the viewer/potential customer with targeted engagement where they actually click on their next options for viewing or opting in to an email list, coupon code etc. Very cool stuff!   Webpros2


Getting Results from Knowing What You Want!

Everyday I receive a note from Tut.com, also known as “Notes from the Universe”. Today’s was great and inspired me to write a quick blog post around it. Here it is:
True life mastery, Maggie, is more a function of knowing what to want, than knowing how to get what you want. 
   The Universe
This one hit me perfectly. I have a note on my fridge that says something like “All business starts and ends in my mind.” This is a saying I made up. I know for a fact that the results I get all start with my mind and my intention.
When my daughter was little she used to call it ‘minding’. She would say something like “Mom, I minded it”. And I knew exactly what she meant!
I mind everyday. In fact, I have become a ‘Master Minder’ and ‘Master Manifestor’. 
I attribute most of my success at all of this from my understanding of how clear one must be with universal laws. You truly have to know what you want and to be very clear about it. The universe does not respond well, or maybe I should say, IT DOES respond well, to confusion. LOL!
When one is wishy washy and uncertain, guess what you get in your life and business? More uncertainty and things bouncing around. But when you know without a shadow of a doubt that success or greatness, or servitude is what you seek, it will seek you back!
For more on this you can read a post over on my main blog What You Seek Seeks YOU!
Read carefully what the second part of the note from the universe  says  “than knowing how to get what you want”. Let that sink in. To me, this means I must be clear on what I want and what is important to ME, and then I TRUST in the power of the energetic alignment of that which I am seeking is seeking me. It’s soooooooooooo simple! I personally do this everyday and all the time.
For me it’s getting to the point that it almost happens instantaneously!  For example, a little story. The other day I was thinking I would like an extra thermos type carafe for my coffee maker so I could take one with me while driving and then still have one at home… you know make and go 🙂 Well later that day I walked into one of my favorite thrift stores and BAM, the exact one I wanted and needed.  Exactly! And only $3, I might add. 🙂
The carafe story is a little example of the power of being clear on what you want and then allowing it to match up, but it matters not…. if one can do it with a coffee pot, one can do it with something larger like success in business, or happiness, or more JOY! It all responds to the same laws!!!!
One of my missions is to help my clients with these powerful truths.  In fact, in May, I am travelling to Denver and going to become a certified “Infinite Possibilities Trainer”. I know pretty cool right?
Anyhoo, I gotta run and getting ready for a workshop I am attending at the Northwestern Innovations Centre NWO Website Link    where I will be learning about patents! I love learning and it also helps me to be a better coach.
Have a great day everyone!
Maggie Holbik.com is a Certified Life Coach, Business Coach, Nutritionist, Speaker, and some other stuff, but most importantly she is just a person who loves life, learning and EMPOWERING others. Happy Day to all! Oh and if you like what you read, why not check out my two other blogs?